Frequently Asked Questions


How long do Helium Inflated Latex Balloons last?
Latex balloons have a limited life of about 18-24 hours for 11-12" pearlshine (metallic) balloons, so inflation should be done as close to the event time as possible. We are able to supply a product which can increase the float life of a helium inflated latex balloon.
How long do Helium Inflated Foil Balloons last?
Foil balloons will remain buoyant for about 2 weeks. They stay firm for the first 2-3 days and after may need slight re-inflation for firmness (not buoyancy), which can be done carefully with a straw and air.
Where do we deliver to?
Our local area is roughly a five mile radius from our offices in Wembley. We can deliver to the area enclosed by the M25, A10 and M4, we deliver anywhere within the Greater London area, although this may incur a surcharge of £18 dependant on location. We can deliver helium cylinders to anywhere in the UK at a cost of £32 + vat and then arrange to send balloons etc. by post. Click here for more information.
Are the D.I.Y. Packs easy to use?
The pack includes the balloons, the ribbon and the helium cylinder and nozzle. They are extremely easy to use, we show you how everything works when you collect the pack from us, or on delivery. We will also supply an instruction sheet with tips on how to get the most from your pack.
Is Helium dangerous?
Helium is lighter than air, it is safe, non-poisonous, non-toxic and non-flammable. It is enviromentally friendly, but it should not be inhaled. You can read more facts about helium gas here.
How long can we keep the cylinder and filler nozzle for?
The initial rental period is one week, which is free, however, you can arrange to keep them for longer, which will incur a small weekly rental charge.
Do we have to return the helium cylinder and filler nozzle?
All cylinders and nozzles should be returned either by yourselves or collected by us, which can be arranged via our office. Any cylinders not returned will forfeit the deposit and could incur a lost cylinder charge.
Are your products enviromentally friendly?
Our balloons are made from natural latex, which degrades naturally in the environment. A study has shown that a latex balloon will break down as quickly as an oak leaf. Only latex balloons should be used in a release, foil balloons should be weighted and after use disposed of appropriately.
Do we have to inform anyone if we are planning a balloon race or balloon release?
The Civil Aviation Authority should be informed for releases over 2,000 balloons or any release close to an airfield. The Airspace Utilisation Section can be contacted on 020 8745 3282.
Can we order online?
You can, of course, email us your order, but you may be well advised to telephone us first as we will be able give you advice on the most effective options available, we can also assist you with the design and help to ensure the smooth running of your event.